Amanda the "Juice Fairy"

Last week I visited Amanda, the owner of Good Karma Juice for a photo shoot.  Amanda makes healthy juice fresh to order and delivers it to her customers' doors.

Amanda Good Karma Juice

With her long red hair and baskets of color popping veggies, the photo shoot was a dream.  It's easy to take a great photo when you have beautiful subject matter.  

Veggies in a basket
good karma juice jars
Amanda Above Good Karma Juice Process
Veggies on the table

What was fascinating for me was seeing the juicing process in action.  It was mesmerizing watching the colors stream out of the juicer after all of the fruits and veggies have been smashed down as flat as can be.  

Green Juice Process
amanda scooping carrots
pressing down
juicing kale
pouring beet juice

And of course one of the best parts of this photo shoot was I got to drink lots of delicious juice!  I have a soft spot for beet juice so "Glow" was my favorite flavor that Amanda makes.  

Glow beet juice

Although I have to say, I liked her green Zenergize too! 

pouring green 2.jpg

 Actually, TBH, they were all amazing.

good karma juice

We timed the photo shoot just right so that after making the juice I could get a gorgeous shot of Amanda during golden hour. 

Amanda Good Karma Portrait


To find out if Amanda delivers to you visit: 


Juice mason jars


Want an entrepreneurial photo shoot like Amanda's?