3 Reasons Why When Introverts Vlog They Heal Themselves and Change the World

As an introvert or sensitive (I’ll be using these words interchangeably) you might think you don’t have the right personality for video.  You’re not outgoing.  You’re not enthusiastic or bubbly.  You might even be afraid.  really afraid.  I know, it can be really scary and daunting to make a video.  But, here’s the thing. Once you start putting yourself on camera you’ll be attracting the type of people that you really want to inspire and work with, people who share your values and have a similar energy to you.  People you resonate with.   

When you vlog you’ll connect much more with your audience than by simply writing.  Not to say that writers don’t connect with their audiences, they do.  But video is so powerful.  People will hear your voice and see your face.  They will get to know you on what feels like a personal level.  

There are even deeper reasons to vlog though.  Juicy reasons.  Rough but rewarding lessons to be learned.  Making videos of yourself will heighten your awareness of who you truly are because you can’t hide on camera.  As a sensitive who has vlogged and who also follows sensitive vloggers, I believe that we have the power to heal deep wounds while changing the world.

So here’s a run-down of what’s in store when you face your fears and get on camera...  

1.  Putting Yourself on Camera Forces You to: Learn How to Be Yourself and Love Yourself.  


When you first film yourself a lot of uncomfortable things will happen.  And to be honest, it might always be slightly uncomfortable.  But, if you are a person who is interested in growing and continuing to experience more joy in life, then working through the feelings that come up will be invaluable to you.  

You’ll likely, at first...

  • try to talk in a way you normally would never talk

  • spend minutes in post production analyzing the slope of your eyebrows

  • cringe (or puke) every time you say "um"

  • change your outfit incessantly

  • put on too much makeup

  • put on not enough makeup

  • be unable to bear watching the video you just filmed

BUT, once you feel through the nasty emotions that are coming up surrounding your own self-worth and commit to being yourself, you will stop doing all of these crazy things, accept yourself and love yourself.  That is really the only choice you will have if you want to move forward.  The other two options are wimping out and never making a video again or constantly hating on yourself..  

I urge you to remember that you ARE worth it.  We all are.  Every single human on this planet has inherent worth.  And you deserve the joyful contentment that comes with striving to be your imperfect self.  

If you are stop caring about what other people think or what your inner critic thinks, and allow yourself to come as you are, you will do so much good in this world.  You will inspire others.  You will connect with the people you are meant to connect with.  Think about it.  How can you connect with anyone on any level if you are too scared to be yourself?  You can't.  Trust me, it is worth it to stick with this one.  It might take years before you really feel okay with it. The self doubt will likely never really go away completely.  But you will feel good confronting it and bypassing the fear because you will know the great reward of being able to truly connect with others.  And you will feel at ease.

Putting yourself on camera will also make you define your boundaries about who you are and what you stand for.  What is your personal integrity?  Where do you say yes and where do you say no?  What is acceptable for you to publicly say?  To publicly promote?  This is going to define who you are and what your values are in a really deep way because it prompts you think more clearly about them than your private life might.  You are sharing yourself with the world.  You are making an audio/visual representation of all that you stand for and all that you don't stand for.  The extent of your integrity will be made known to yourself and others.


2.  Flip Your Perfectionism on Its Head and Inspire Others


If you are an introvert then you probably are also a perfectionist.  They tend to go hand in hand.  We like things done right.  And that is not necessarily a bad thing.  It just depends on where your motivation is coming from.  The dark side of perfectionism is that it can impede progress and tends to be tied to feelings of low self-worth.  ‘If I can be perfect or make perfect work then no one can criticize me, no one can hurt me, everyone will love me and I will feel safe’.  Too bad none of that actually works.  Feeling safe and worthy can only come from within and requires a whole lot of love and compassion.  It requires that we forgive ourselves for any mistakes or imperfections that we might have.  Only when we accept our imperfections can we then truly feel good about ourselves.  

However, you can use your perfectionist instincts to your advantage.  You have high standards and that is not a bad thing.  It’s just a matter of knowing when to let go and hit the upload button.  So spend the time preparing and taking all of the steps needed to make a really great vlog.  Something that will be of great value to others.  Something that will inspire and uplift.  Go easy on yourself for anything that you don’t totally like about your video.  There is always something to not like.  There’s always a reason someone might give you a thumbs down or write a nasty comment.  Let yourself rise above all of that and show the world your imperfect self.  It will help others feel better about themselves too!  It’s contagious.  

Here’s one example.  For one of my projects “The Myofascial Self Care Video Course Online”, my partner Nicole made a vlog on how she changed her beliefs about weight loss through mind-body healing.  The response was overwhelmingly positive!  So many women were thanking her for speaking up and inspiring them to love their bodies a little bit more.  And then, what happened?  Well some douchey body-builder guy found our videos on YouTube and decided to comment about how someone who is “overweight” clearly isn’t taking care of their body and shouldn’t be teaching self-care.  I wrote back to inform him that Nicole takes excellent care of her body and weight isn’t always an indicator of good health.  He didn’t want to hear it.  But so what?  We helped so many people by putting that out there.  It was worth it to Nicole for herself and for others to spread her message of love even if it meant triggering some random dude and receiving a rude comment.  


3.  The World Needs You Now!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve by now realized that we are living in some crazy ass times.  Things are very polarized.  People are suffering across the world.  There is rampant inequality.  People are committing violence against each other and our earth.  

There’s a lot of good too though!  And that’s what we need to help amplify.  Sensitives and introverts by nature vlog with compassion, gentleness and dignity. Just turn on the TV to find none of that.  So be that shining example to the world.  The example of a different way.  A new way.  A way where we don’t have to be so harsh and fake.  A way where we can be vulnerable.  Where we can admit to our flaws.  Where we can empathize with each other.  

The world needs this so much right now!  I can’t stress this enough.  And I think you know it too.

If you’re underestimating how much impact you can make, don’t.  Just make an impact.  Your efforts will not be in vain.  And even if they are, it is worth the try.  Maybe, just maybe, your compassion and your empathy will contribute to the big shift we need to save our world.


I hope I’ve sparked some confidence in you today with  these 3 points.  I know what it’s like to feel shy and unsure in front of the camera.  If you want more wisdom sent to you on the regular go ahead and sign up for my newsletter.  


Bye for now,