Summer 2017 Free Video Shoot Contest for Entrepreneurs

win a free video contest for entrepreneurs

This season's free video shoot contest is just for businesses and entrepreneurs.  But, not any kind of business.  You must be a "heart centered" business!

What does that mean might you ask?

It means that despite being a for-profit business owner, you are committed to doing good in the world.  You treat your employees with the utmost care.  You have a clear mission that is helping others in some way.  Whether it is sustainable farming, a cutting-edge healing center, or an innovative new idea that is good for humanity and the environment, I want to hear from you!  

I will choose one winner based on how much positive impact you are making in our world.   The free video shoot will be for a single day shoot only.  The max video length is 5 minutes.  Video shoots must be scheduled within a year of winning.  

The upcoming application deadline is July 30th 2017.  

How to apply:

1. Sign up for my newsletter.  

2.  Send me a short and concise paragraph (no longer than 8 sentences) through the contact page.  In your short paragraph tell me these 3 things:

  • The name of your business and what you do.
  • Why your business is "heart-centered" and good for our world
  • A link to your website.  

I'll notify you by August 5th 2017 if you have been selected for a free video.